Small business owners have to be able to do as much running of the business themselves as they can. One of the aspects of a business that is best left to a qualified professional is the role of accountant. Generally speaking most small business owners do not really need an accountant johannesburg in the initial stages of their business, there is a plethora of bookkeeping software available on the market that can help keep all of your bookkeeping needs organized. All that you need to do is enter all of the pertinent and relevant information and there is even easy to follow instructions included with all this software.


It is really only when your business gets bigger that you may need to start thinking about outsourcing this vital role. You can hire someone to do this work either as a permanent member of staff, part time or as a per job contract. Handling accounting duties can become quite complex as it is not just financial obligations that need to be kept track of, there are also tax issues and other mandatory financially related issues that need to be dealt with.
Depending on just how big your business has grown you may need to just hire an individual accountant or go with an accounting firm that can work with you on a consulting basis. This is a good time to seriously evaluate your needs, there are many aspects to consider as far as accounts are concerned such as tax returns, preparing fiscal statements, accounts analysis and so on. These are more complex time consuming issues that a professional accounting firm can deal with. An individual, part time accountant or bookkeeper can deal with more normal daily tasks like balancing books, paying bills and taking care of payroll.

Lastly be sure to check your potential accountants or bookkeeper’s credentials and track record to make sure they are indeed the right person or firm for the job. During the interview process be sure to ask for proof of certification and levels of qualification, you need to be sure that they are up to the tasks that you need to be done.