25% percent of your income every single month for ever isn’t fun but not paying your tax is illegal. Especially when you consider that the tax payers’ money goes into funding the institutions such as prisons. That shouldn’t discourage you from paying tax. The goes to helping the country as well, government uses it to fund old age grants and welfare institutions.


tax south africa

For tax invaders there is a hefty penalty to pay. It is criminal and a federal offence and you should know that tax evasion does not look good on anyone’s track record. Businesses who evade tax face serious criminal charges and may even face liquidation.

It is very important for every employed citizen of South Africa who earns an income to register for income tax and have their own tax number so that their salary is taxed every time it goes into their account. SARS has recently tightened up their legisluitave; this urges employers to r
frain from paying all employees who have not registered as tax payers.
The Government places VAT on consumable goods, this tax is compulsory and is already calculated in the products we buy.

Remember that paying tax doesn’t have to be too hectic, there are some incentives for a certain group in a lower income bracket such as artists, musicians and people who work ad hoc jobs. These people can get returns on their tax at the end of every financial tax year.

Even taxpaying business can fill in a tax return form or get an accountant to calculate their tax return and who knows some may even find that they have been paying more tax than they should.

We have all heard of the our famous celebrities who have evaded taxes for years and when it finally catches up with them these stars find themselves bankrupt, blacklisted or engrossed in so much debt that they lose everything. Rather be safe and pay your tax it’s not a hassle since it is deducted from your gross income before you even receive it. Pay your taxes. It’s really better to be safe than to be sorry.