The cash flow of a business is basically an assessment of all cash flowing into and out of the company. A successful or profitable business will have more cash coming into the business than being paid out. Managing cash flow well is an essential skill if you wish to keep your business and operations running

Incoming cash would be any and all cash payments that are received by the business. Examples of cash inflows would be the receipt of a loan, earning interest on an investment or selling products and services. Outgoing cash would be any and all cash or money that is paid by the business. Examples of
cash outflows include paying employees for their services, buying stock and repaying a loan. By subtracting the total cash outflows from the total cash inflows you would be able to calculate the net cash flow for a certain period of time.

A business that has a positive net cash flow balance and has cash available to timeously pay their employees and suppliers would be considered to be doing quite well. The term “cash crisis” is used to refer to a business when they are not able to meet expenses and do not have enough cash available to settle all expenses payable. This can be quite disastrous as a business in a cash crisis may find that they are no longer able to carry out necessary operations
and income may be disrupted as a result.

Proper cash management is essential if you wish to ensure the success of your business. A cash flow statement is an indispensable tool when managing finances and keeping a close eye on the cash flow. Many business owners may not have the time to learn how to create cash flow statements but there are
many professional accountants and accounting firms that are more than capable of taking care of this task for them. The importance of regular and accurate cash flow statements cannot be emphasized enough.

Cash flow statements are useful to business owners, creditors as well as investors. Investors would consult this financial document when doing an investment analysis to see whether a particular business offers a good return on investment (ROI) potential.