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Frequently Asked Questions About the Outsourcing of Payroll


Many people have the same questions that they frequently ask about the possibility of outsourcing their payroll. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions answered for your convenience: What exact services are offered by companies that handle outsourced payroll There are plenty of services that are offered by companies that take care of outsourced payroll operations. Some of the most popular services include tax deduction and payroll processing, countrywide payroll filing of tax, tailored report generation, integrated human resource management services and unemployment tax management, among a host of others including employee benefits management such as car benefits [...]

Frequently Asked Questions About the Outsourcing of Payroll2021-02-21T22:01:14+00:00

Tax shouldn’t be optional


Tax shouldn’t be optional 25% percent of your income every single month for ever isn’t fun but not paying your tax is illegal. Especially when you consider that the tax payers’ money goes into funding the institutions such as prisons. That shouldn’t discourage you from paying tax. The goes to helping the country as well, government uses it to fund old age grants and welfare institutions. For tax invaders there is a hefty penalty to pay. It is criminal and a federal offence and you should know that tax evasion does not look good on anyone’s track record. Businesses who evade [...]

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VAT Tax South Africa


You may or may not know the impact that vat returns have on your business. Whether your knowledge is practically non-existent or very impressive, you must know that as a business owner or manager, you have a responsibility to pay and recover VAT according to the regulations of SARS. But how do you make this knowledge work for you and your business? Well, when it comes to VAT, or value-added tax, there is a need to understand the laws that govern your country. In South Africa, these are very specific and failing to comply with every letter of these laws can [...]

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What Criteria To Follow When Hiring An Accountant


What Criteria To Follow When Hiring An Accountant Small business owners have to be able to do as much running of the business themselves as they can. One of the aspects of a business that is best left to a qualified professional is the role of accountant. Generally speaking most small business owners do not really need an accountant johannesburg in the initial stages of their business, there is a plethora of bookkeeping software available on the market that can help keep all of your bookkeeping needs organized. All that you need to do is enter all of the pertinent and [...]

What Criteria To Follow When Hiring An Accountant2021-02-21T14:38:33+00:00

Accounting Wise


Accounting Wise If you want your business to succeed, you need to keep an eye on the money coming in and the money going out. However, doing this and trying to manage the day-to-day running of the company can be very time consuming. If you are worried about being a Jack of All Trades but a master of none, it may be time to hand over your financial accounting needs to Accounting Wise. The team at Accounting Wise specializes is made up of a group of experienced and skilled professionals who know their way around a ledger. They are the straight-laced [...]

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Understanding Offshore Investments


Understanding Offshore Investments Investing money in offshore instruments is a controversial topic all over the world. Offshore investments are kept in a different country as the investor’s country of origin. There are many benefits to this investment strategy, the biggest of which is the reduction of tax obligations. People that are concerned by tax requirements in their own country seek out a country that is less demanding as far as tax is concerned. Some countries are loose in the manner in which they regulate and control their investment domiciles. Such countries are preferred by criminals intent on evading tax, laundering money [...]

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Auditing Every company requires an audit in order to meet all requirements and obligations. We provide audits at very affordable rates. However, along with the audit it is one of toughest and most rigorous scrutiny your company will go through, so why not use the opportunity to learn more about the business? We are always aware that pricing is a large factor in a competitive industry like auditing. Your audit should be much more than a mere few ticks in the right boxes to keep your regulators happy. We will add value to the audit wherever possible to present you with [...]


A Brief Guide To Understanding cash Flow


The cash flow of a business is basically an assessment of all cash flowing into and out of the company. A successful or profitable business will have more cash coming into the business than being paid out. Managing cash flow well is an essential skill if you wish to keep your business and operations running smoothly. Incoming cash would be any and all cash payments that are received by the business. Examples of cash inflows would be the receipt of a loan, earning interest on an investment or selling products and services. Outgoing cash would be any and all cash or [...]

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Kinds of Professional Accounting Services


Kinds of Professional Accounting Services As your company continues to grow and expand, you will find that it becomes more and more important to employ qualified and professional accountants that will be able to head your payroll and personnel departments. Labour Law is a complicated department with a lot of finicky details pertaining to payroll and these aspects simply become more and more intricate and complicated year after year. The penalties that a company can incur for simply not adhering completely to all applicable laws with regards to payroll and personnel is both unnecessary and exuberant. Making use of professional and [...]

Kinds of Professional Accounting Services2021-02-21T13:33:58+00:00

Why You Need An Accountant


Accountants provide you with much more services than mere bookkeeping services. In fact, these services will also provide you with inter operations of budgeting, financials, business financing and planning and other services. The industry of accounting services is actually a wide and varied field. Companies have long ago recognised the power and effectiveness of marketing in creating a sustainable and healthy business. The services of skilled and experienced accountants will help a company in exactly the same way. Good marketing services will lead to better and increased sales, and accounting services will help you to reduce the expenses of the company [...]

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