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Financial statements audits

Statutory Audit

The auditing process relies on evidence, analysis, conventions, and informed professional judgment. General standards are brief statements relating to such matters as training, independence, and professional care. 

 Our audit approach is based on consistent methodology developed in compliance with International Standards on Auditing. We approach an audit with deep and broad understanding of your business and always strive to add value to your organisation.

Our independent auditor or auditors make sure that all aspects of the examination and the preparation of the audit report are carried out with a high standard of professionalism.  We keep all our clients abreast of legislative and financial reporting changes.

Our external audits are performed by our auditors who have adequate technical training and proficiency as auditors.

Our auditors maintain complete independence in all matters relating to the assignment.


Internal Audit

Internal auditors once focused on evaluating compliance with an organization’s policies and procedures. Today, internal auditors do much more from identifying risks to developing risk management protocols and analyzing processes in search of greater efficiencies. These added demands are a result of the transformation of the work-place from paper-based to digital, ever-increasing regulations and the speed at which businesses change. Now more than ever, organizations need to make certain their internal processes are adequately and efficiently addressing these challenges and reducing risk. The internal audit function is the place to start.

Internal Audit Solutions

NUE‘s internal audit solutions can be as broad or narrow in scope as the audit committee, board or management wishes. Organizations may outsource only specific internal audit projects, allowing your internal staff to concentrate on the areas they know best. Some may want to co-source the internal audit function where we work with your organization to develop an overall plan to address its priorities for implementation by your internal staff.

The entire audit function may also be outsourced. The latter approach allows management to focus on core competencies and for NUE to apply its considerable audit expertise to your organization’s needs.

An outsourced internal audit function can benefit organizations of all sizes. Even if they have no regulatory requirement to do so, many organizations add an internal audit department or outsource or co-source the functional as they grow. It makes good business sense. Candidates for outsourcing or co-sourcing their internal audit function from NUE include:

Publicly held companies and certain other organisations for which NUE is not the external auditor

Organizations seeking a cost-effective alternative to hiring, training and retaining internal auditors;

Organizations seeking the expertise and objectivity of Outside consultants.

Budget preparation and cash flow forecasts/projections.

We understand that effective budgeting and cash flow forecasting will enable you to run your business more efficiently. We will assist you set realistic forecasts, evaluate your resources and market conditions. We also review current economic and business conditions to assess what impact they will have on your business and goals.

Agreed upon procedures

Agreed-upon procedures are carried out when we are appointed to issue a report of findings based on specified financial statement items. These apply to engagements relating to agreed-upon procedures for specified elements or accounts.​


Our approach to compliance audits is to determine conformity and adherence to applicable laws and regulations. These may include reviews for conformity and adherence to laws and regulations, policies, plans, procedures, contracts or other requirements we perform both legal compliance and corporate governance assurance services.

Independent reviews

The new independent review proves to be less burdensome, less rigorous and less costly for smaller companies. Companies that proposed a voluntary audit or who passed the public interest test will also fall under these requirements.

B-BBEE Verification / Audit

Any entity wanting to do business with the Government or any Organs of State has to be BEE Compliant First. The process of becoming BEE Compliant is known as the BEE Verification process. This is a process where the entity has to come into contact with an SANAS Accredited BEE Verification Agency. Together with the BEE Agency the entity has to undergo a partial or full audit to determine its BEE Compliance Levels.